The University of Illinois at Chicago

STEM Initiative

GAT STEM is a selective program that supports UIC transfer students who excel in science and mathematics. Students interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate education in a STEM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are encouraged to consider this program in addition to the Guaranteed Admissions Transfer program.

For students who interested in conducting research and pursuing a PhD or MD/PhD, who want to become a scientists or engineers the GAT STEM program is designed to enhance the experience of those majoring in biochemistry, biological sciences, chemistry, computer sciences, earth & environmental sciences, engineering, mathematics, neuroscience, and physics.

Key Components

The main components of the GAT STEM Initiative:

  • A summer research experience (STEM Co-Lab)
  • Faculty led STEM seminars and discussions
  • Academic advising and support promoting academic excellence, leadership and professional development
  • Research and internship opportunities
  • Graduate and professional school preparation

Program Benefits

  • Gain hands-on scientific research experience
  • Build a professional network system
  • Learn how to study effectively in a STEM discipline
  • Access to select UIC facilities as a participant in GAT

Program Eligibility

  • Apply to be considered for the GAT STEM program no later than the 2nd week in the fall of your sophomore year, if you are:
    • Planning to enroll at UIC in your junior year
    • A participant in the Guaranteed Admissions Transfer (GAT) Program
    • Pursuing an undergraduate STEM degree at UIC
    • Entering UIC with a qualifying GPA of 3.25 in your science and mathematics courses

For more information contact the UIC GAT at .