The University of Illinois at Chicago

Guaranteed Admissions Transfer

A partnership between City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) and the University of Illinois at Chicago to support Chicago’s students. The GAT Program offers guaranteed admission into nine specific colleges within UIC for students currently enrolled in classes at City Colleges of Chicago (College of Applied Health Sciences, Architecture, Design and the Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Public Health, RN to BSN Online Nursing, Urban Planning and Public Affairs).

Eligibility for GAT

  • Apply to GAT by September 15th the year before you plan to enter UIC
  • Are strongly encouraged to graduate from City Colleges of Chicago with your AA or AS degree
  • Earn and maintain a required 3.0 GPA, while at City Colleges of Chicago and have no previous college coursework
  • Meet with your City Colleges of Chicago Transfer Director or academic advisor regularly
  • Attend information sessions and receptions conducted by City Colleges of Chicago and UIC representatives
  • Meet all UIC application deadlines


Program Availability

Check to see if your desired program is a GAT program.

Involvement with GAT

3 Simple steps to get involved

  1. Meet with your City Colleges of Chicago academic advisor or Transfer Director and indicate that you are interested in the GAT program.
  2. Complete and submit the GAT participation form
  3. Follow the program requirements shown in Transferology for the degree you wish to pursue at UIC

Participation Form

Required questions are identified with an asterisk (*).

Find my GAT Advisor

To find out if you qualify for the GAT program please contact your community college advisor or transfer director. Do you need help finding your transfer director? Not a problem, use the GAT representative directory below by selecting your community college.